How to update father's and husband's name in Aadhar card online

How to update father's and husband's name in Aadhar card online


The girls who are married and want to update husband's name and address in their aadhar card should follow the same procedure as given below :

Now, let's start-

To update address and father's name in your aadhar card follow the given steps :

1-Login to the official website of UIDAI

2-Scroll down and click on the option : Update demographics data online.

3-You can see a new tab, now click on proceed to update aadhar.

4-Now fill your aadhar card number and enter the captcha code as given.

5-Now click on 'Send OTP'.

Now, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number

6-Now, enter the OTP and click on LOGIN.

7-Now click on update demographics data and select the option 'address' and click on 'proceed'.

Now, you can see a dialogue box in which it is stated that you can change name only twice, date of birth and gender only once in your life.

8-Now click on- Yes, I am aware of this and proceed.

9-Now, you have to enter the details as required.

If u want to fill husband name instead of your father's name so you can fill it in "Care of" option and it will be automatically changed into hindi and if it is not correct you can edit it with the help of google input tool.

In the same way you can update your father's name also.

The name which you fill here will only appear in your new aadhar card.

10-Now, you have to enter your new address of your house/building or apartment.

Now, enter the street or lane number.

Now, fill the area/locality or sector.

You can also provide your landmark.

11-Now,enter the pincode and choose your village/town or city. After that fill your post office, district and respective State.

Now you have to provide a document for address proof.

You don't have to provide a document for husband and father's name proof.

12-Now, select the document from the list you want to upload for eg: passport, ration card, voter id, driving licence etc.

13-Now click on upload document and upload the selected document in jpeg, png or pdf format and the document must not exceed 2 MB in size and now, click on 'preview'.

You can see all the details which you want to update.

After that fill the captcha code and click on 'Send OTP'. Now you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Enter the OTP and give consent by clicking on the statement - I hereby confirm that, I have read the instructions carefully and the information provided by me to UIDAI is true and correct.

I suggest you to check your details carefully before giving consent.

14-Now, click on "Make Payment".

You have to make payment of Rs. 50 which you can do through your credit card/debit card or internet banking.

For example if you want to pay through Debit card then;

Click on Cards

Enter the card number, expiry month and year, CVV and name of card and click on proceed.

Now you will receive an OTP from the bank.

Enter that OTP and click on 'Submit' button.

Now your payment will be successful and you will receive an URN (Update Request Number) number on your mobile number through which you can track the status.

Now, lets talk about how to check the status of your request.

1-First of all login to website.

2-Now click on the option - 'Check online update demographics status'.

3-Now enter your aadhar card number and also enter the URN number.

4-The URN number which you received earlier was of eight digits only but here fourteen digits URN number is required.

So, don't worry.

Just enter your eight digits URN number and enter six zeros before the URN number.

5-Enter the captcha code as written and click on 'Check status'

Now, you can see the status that details have been received by UIDAI and they are in the verification process.

Once your details will be verified the name and address will be updated in your aadhar card within three days.

After that, the new Aadhar card will be sent to you by post. If you want to download your new aadhar card with updated details you can download it by clicking on 'Download Aadhar' option. And you can also order PVC card in which plastic card will be sent on your address by charging Rs. 50 .

So friends, in this way you can update your father/husband name and address in your aadhar card.

Now let us talk about aadhar card Date of Birth change online 

The UIDAI has also set some conditions for changes. As per these changes if there is a difference of less than three years in age then you can go to the nearest Aadhar Suvidha Kendra with the respective document. But if there is a difference of more than three years then you have to approach regional aadhar kendra with the document.

As per UIDAI guidelines following documents are required for changes in date of birth in aadhar card

Documents required :
For changes in date of birth in aadhar card one of the following documents is required:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. PAN card
  3. Passport
  4. Date of birth issued by Group-A gazetted officer on letter head
  5. Certificate of photo identity card
  6. Central Government Health Service Scheme photo card or Ex-serviceman photo ID letterhead
  7. Class 10th or 12th certificate
  8. Photo ID card and identity